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2020-10 Special Update from Dwight and Dorothy

Dear Friends,

We thank you for your prayers and notes of encouragement. As planned, we drove up to Chapel Hill, North Carolina on Wednesday for Dorothy's out patient tests. Please go to our website ( or Dorothy's Facebook page to read Dorothy's blog to hear from her heart.

The short version of what happened and what we learned was that both the echo cardiogram and the right heart catheterization indicated that the medication Dorothy is taking for the Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension (PAH) is helping somewhat to lower the right heart pressure. The doctor could find no reason for Dorothy's extreme fatigue or her need for a higher rate of oxygen 24/7. He only grows more confident that another disease (Pulmonary Venal Occlusive Disease or PVOD) is the culprit. PVOD, however, is extraordinarily rare to the point that little research is being done and no treatments have been developed. Its occurrence is about 1 or 2 people per 10,000,000. Confirmation of PVOD is done via a lung biopsy and this the doctor won't do as it likely would prove fatal for Dorothy.

We are not looking to any new medications or treatment plans. While we have been trusting in the Lord all along, we considered that He may choose to work through modern medicine. We now look to Him alone, knowing that He is still in control and on His throne. We are at peace with the outcome.

Dorothy enjoys afternoon phone calls and notes of encouragement. We are all grateful that she has little pain and no nausea.


Praise and Prayer Items

Please join us as we praise the Lord that...

  • we are at peace under His reign.
  • our support team continues to provide financially and prayerfully for our work and needs.

Also, please join us in asking the Lord to...

  • for His continued upholding and comfort for each of us.
  • continue to direct each of us as we seek to serve Him in ways that bring Him honor and glory.


The usual stuff...
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Dorothy's number is +1 (803) 280-4181
Dwight's is +1 (803) 207-3049.
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