Dwight and Dorothy Hazard - Serving with SIM

Ministry Status

Dorothy has been diagnosed with Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension (PAH - a rare and serious lung disease) and most likely has Pulmonary Veno-Occlusive Disease (PVOD - an extremely rare lung disease with no known treatment and doing a lung biopsy to confirm PVOD is dangerous to someone with PAH). Dorothy is on oxygen at all times and is unable to walk more than short distances. The Hazards are working with a specialist care center at the University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill. There are no plans for them to return to Africa or take on other overseas appointments for now.

Dwight is using his gifts and skills to minister in the SIM USA Office. He has joined the Information Systems group to assist in the setup of SIM USA's internal intranet, training returning missionaries in the risks and proper care in dealing with e-mail and Internet risks, documentation of policies and procedures and other duties while Dorothy's ongoing medical needs are being addressed. They are still on missionary support with SIM and plan to continue to minister through SIM as the Lord leads.

We pray for our support team members. Please send your requests to either of us (Dorothy or Dwight).

Our recent update:

Praise and Prayer Requests (updated 2022-02-03)

Please join us in praising the Lord...

  • the peace of mind given to Dorothy now with no more testing or new therapies planned.
  • for the prayer and financial supporters who continue to supply us and the work to which we have been called.
  • for the help given in meals being provided and errands run while Dwight and Beka, the two main caregivers, recover.

Please also join us in praying...

  • for soon recovery from covid-19 that Dwight has tested positive for and Beka shows near identical symptoms to.
  • that the Communicants' class, that Dwight is team teaching in our local church, will be good training for the young people involved, so they will be better prepared to make the decision whether to join the church or not.
  • for additional financial support. We continue to be on a reduced budget with SIM due to our support shortfall.
  • for continued leading and wisdom as we seek to honor the Lord with the gifts and talents that He has granted to us.

Thank you!

Dorothy's Blog

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loaves and fishes It has been yet another challenging week of difficult news threatening to steal my peace and joy. It seems like as soon as I have victory by allowing my knowledge of God and trust in His goodness to dictate my view of my circumstances, another challenge rears. I rather feel like I am playing “Whack-a-mole” trying to keep my focus on the fact that God is sovereign and He is good.

Our grandson’s health remains extremely fragile as he needs blood transfusions twice a week. My younger brother has a blood infection that has gone septic and is actually in his bones. The doctor talked with my older brother and told him there are two option. To aggressively treat the infection by amputating his leg or having him go to hospice. Doug is unable to make this decision for himself. And in the midst of all this, I am getting increasingly tired with declining energy.

Our pastor preached from Matthew 14.13-21 this past Sunday, the feeding of the 5000. As I was literally sobbing, trying to cry out to the Lord in my grief, my anguish and my fears, I felt like the Lord used this Scripture to point my way back to Him.

The disciples knew there was a great need. 5000 men (plus how ever many women and children) were hungry. I know there is a great need. Our grandson needs healing. Our son and daughter-in-law need peace and freedom from fear. My younger brother needs healing. My older brother needs strength and guidance in making decisions. I need His peace.

The disciples knew they could not meet the need. I know I cannot meet the need. I cannot heal my grandson. I cannot give my son and daughter-in-law what they need. I cannot heal my brother. I can give input, but cannot make the decisions for my older brother. I cannot summon up peace on my own.

The disciples did not realize the One Who could meet the people’s needs was right there. I do realize Jesus is the One Who can provide all and He is right here through His Holy Spirit. I even know and trust in God’s will, His ways, and His whens.

Then I thought about the people Jesus fed. They had to span the whole range of faith – from none at all to absolute trust in the One feeding. The Bible says in Matthew 14.20, "“They all ate and were satisfied. . .” This eating and satisfaction was not based on their faith, but on Jesus’ power. The verse goes on to say that the disciples picked up twelve baskets of leftovers. What that tells me is that no matter how great our need, Jesus’ provisions will not run out. He has more than enough.

More than enough for our grandson. More than enough for our son and daughter-in-law. More than enough for our other three grandchildren. More than enough for my younger brother. More than enough for my older brother. More than enough for me.

God is good. All the time. All the time. God is good.

(link to Dorothy's blog archive)