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2021-07 Update from Dwight and Dorothy

Dear Friends,

We continue to praise the Lord for His goodness and mercy and we thank you for your continued prayers for the ministries we are involved in and our day-to-day activities. Included in this update are bits and bobs of Dorothy’s health, my ministries through SIM and our local church, home life (including Cooper), update on our grandson’s treatment and another IT security tip.

Dorothy and Cooper

Dorothy’s ongoing struggle with PAH (pulmonary arterial hypertension) continues, but through it all, she praises the Lord for His goodness. This week she decided it was time to move her lift chair to the bedroom from the living room. The 30 foot (9m) trek from the living room to the bathroom off our bedroom was too much. Now, she has a short walk and the various amenities are stationed about the chair. Her blog is included below.

(Left is a photo of Dorothy in her lift chair with Cooper, our 55 pound puppy who is happy to be a lap dog unless it is feeding time or someone comes to the door or a car drives by or a squirrel is sighted or a leaf blows by....)

I continue ministering with the SIM USA Information Systems group. SIM has been very considerate of our situation with Dorothy needing my help much of the time, so I have been able to do all my interaction work via Zoom or Teams video. The IT security and helps training I conduct with returning missionaries continues to benefit many and brings me enjoyment. This week I helped folks coming from Japan, N. Africa, Ethiopia, Paraguay and France. Everyone who uses a computer needs to be savvy about their security and SIM’s needs and requirements are greater as we not only handle a good deal of PII (personally identifiable information) but also financial, personal and medical for people serving in 70+ countries, some of which are not open to missionaries or the Gospel message. In this training, I help with the usage of SIM’s intranet and the SIM USA Dashboard (which help missionaries navigate to particular sites or points of information), identifying phishing attempts in e-mail and other communications, Internet usage safety as well as specific computer and phone measures that promote secure communications. Because the security of SIM’s data is critical, I am also involved with several others in vetting the various vendor that have access to SIM USA’s information.

Christ Ridge Church
Our local church continues to grow, and we are blessed as we participate in its work. Dorothy’s physical limitation restricts her joining most activities at the church, but she actively prays for the church (and you and SIM’s work), and she is in touch with various members encouraging them in their walk with the Lord. As a ruling elder, I teach, provide various helps and oversight to families assigned to me, and with the other elders provide leadership and direction to the church. In Kenya, we were able to help the our local church in Nairobi work on its governance structure and goal setting. Now in our local church in Rock Hill, SC I am helping them update their structure as they move from being a small church to a medium sized church. Recently, I felt specially blessed as several young people took membership vows that another elder and I had taught in a communicants’ class. During the past couple of Sundays, we again taught a new members class. Sharing the purpose and design of the local and broader church with those interested is a real joy.

Your prayers for our 10-year-old grandson are highly coveted. He has been diagnosed with aplastic anemia and the treatments tried so far have not helped. He will likely undergo a bone marrow transplant at St. Jude’s hospital in Memphis, TN. He will need to stay there for some months. His immediate family is waiting for the results of tests to determine if any of them are a match to be the donor.

Dorothy's Blog
2021.07.20 “But You said. . .”
I wish I had words to explain how difficult it is to have my days consist mostly of watching TV. Yes, I still have a quiet time, but certainly not the in-depth studying I was used to doing, nor the extensive journaling. Yes, I read a lot, but there are still a lot of hours in the day where the only thing I have energy to do is watch TV. I don’t have the energy go out, sit up for very long, or even to engage and that is so hard for me.

It made me happy when the Lord gave me the assignment of chronicling times God let me know something fairly specific. If you would like an e-mail copy of this, please let me know.

Then the Lord gave me the idea to compile my blogs for my grandchildren. As I read through my blogs, I see the same cyclical pattern I have noticed in Genesis. It is discouraging to read things I struggled with eight years ago are things I still struggle with today. But mostly I am blessed to read of His faithfulness.

It is coming up to five years since I was first diagnosed with Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension (PAH). I really didn’t think I would still be around. I am ready to see Jesus face to face. From the beginning, I knew God would use PAH to draw me closer to Himself. And He has. But as this drags on and I can do less and less; as going out anywhere no longer seems to be worth the degree of exhaustion that results (Our pastor said it well – “You have to climb up five levels to get to exhaustion.”); as my motivation to do anything decreases, for the first time I have fear.

Not fear of dying. Not fear of the unknown. Fear of the nothingness. Fear of being faithful. Fear of finishing well.

I was encouraged today with Jacob’s prayer in Genesis 32. He is on his way back to Canaan and is fearful of what his brother’s reaction is going to be to seeing him again after he had deceived him, taking away Esau’s birthright. In this prayer he 1) acknowledges who God is; 2) proclaims his unworthiness; 3) recognizes God’s faithfulness; 4) makes his request, confessing his fear. And then comes verse 12. “But You said. . .

That is the key. No matter my questions, my doubts, my fears, if I can keep my focus on His promise that He who began a good work in me will bring it to completion (Philippians 1.6) and that He is able to keep me from stumbling and to present me blameless before the presence of His glory with great joy (Jude 1.24).

God is good. All the time. All the time. God is good.

IT Security - What is safe to click on in an e-mail?

E-mails are probably the primary medium used by cyber criminal and other hackers to gain entrance into your computer or worse into the entire computer network where you work. Here are some basic tips to help you decide whether a link or attachment is safe to click on in an e-mail.

Hacker Envelope

If any of the following are true, be extra careful about clicking on any links in the e-mail…

  • You don’t know or recognize the sender.
  • The e-mail was not expected.
  • The e-mail has some oddities.
    • Poor or unusual spelling or strange wording.
    • Unusual date or time that the e-mail was sent.
  • A sense of urgency is given, particularly when someone needs money.
  • Links don’t seem logical (You can hover the cursor over a link to see what it really is linking to but don’t click, just point to it.)
  • Unusual or unexpected files are attached
    • Word, Excel and other documents may contain macros that when used maliciously can infect your computer.
  • Normally, only text (.txt) files are safe. However, there are ways that hackers can make a malicious file look like a text file.
  • The e-mail contains an offer that is too good to be true or is tempting involvement in some illegal, immoral or illicit activity. Some ransom or phishing e-mails claim to have some condemning evidence of immoral behavior that is used to blackmail.

If in doubt, don't click and just delete or contact the sender by some other means to confirm that the e-mail is legitimate.

Praise and Prayer Items

Please join us in praising the Lord…

  • For the continual outpouring of His grace and mercy as well as those many things we take for granted. Consider waking up one morning to find there was no gravity. Jesus is the glue of the Universe and holds it all together (Colossians 1:17).
  • For the wonderful prayer partners that hold us up before the Lord and the equally wonderful donors who support us in the ministries we have been called.
  • For our local church family who support us in prayers and logistics.

Also, please join us in asking the Lord to...

  • Uphold Dorothy day by day, continually filling her with his confidence and love.
  • Bring a donor for our grandson's needed bone marrow transplant.
  • Grant us the daily wisdom that we need as we seek to honor and serve the Lord.

By His grace,
Dwight for both of us

The usual stuff...
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