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2021-04 Update from Dwight and Dorothy

Dear Friends,

It has been an eventful couple of months since our last prayer letter. We do apologize for the gap in communicating. We have a number of praise and prayer items that we ask you to join with us in bringing before our Father in Heaven. Beka and I (Dwight) both came down with Covid-19 from which we have mostly recovered. One of our grandsons is requiring blood transfusions several times each week. Dorothy continues to be mostly in good spirits but is getting weaker and more exhausted.

First off and heavy on our hearts, we are asking you to pray for our grandson. He will have surgery tomorrow (Monday the 29th) to put a port in. He will then be in ICU until Friday or Saturday as he starts immunosuppressive treatment. While the treatment isn't pleasant, and he has to be closely monitored, there is a good chance this will reboot his body in 12-18 months, allowing his bone marrow once again to generate new blood cells, which would mean no more transfusions. Our son's family will be in very tight lock down, only allowing contact with the six of them for the first three months. We thank you so much for your prayers. Psalm 16.8 says, " I have set the Lord continually before me; because He is at my right hand, I will not be shaken." Our trust is Him!

Beka and I contracted Covid-19 towards the end of January. This presented a bigger problem than just the two of us being sick as Dorothy and our niece, Amanda who lives with us, were both at higher risk of having more serious complications if they contracted the virus. This was particularly problematic as I am Dorothy's primary care giver. We and others continued to pray for the Lord's protection, and through His mercy neither Dorothy nor Amanda got the virus. Beka and I were mostly over it in about ten days.

Dorothy's ability to do various activities continues to decline. In her most recent blog: "Too many TVs," (which can be found on our website:, she talks about struggles such as getting from the living room to the bedroom. We did manage an outing a couple weeks ago to visit an art museum. She was very exhausted and feeling rather ill afterwards, but this was the first time out of the house in more than three months, so the emotional benefit likely outweighed the physical cost. Also in another of Dorothy's blogs, she tells of the death of her younger brother which has also been emotionally hard on her.

Our Puppy

In February, Amanda's cat, Mia, was put down as she was very old and sick. We had been holding off getting a dog as Mia was blind and would have not done well with another animal around. Dorothy and others in the house had wanted a dog for some time. Considering a dog as potentially therapeutic for Dorothy, we took on a puppy of unknown breeding. Four weeks ago, Cooper, was cute and pudgy. Now he is still cute but has crossed the 20 pound mark at about 12 weeks of age. Cooper may not be the ideal lap dog that Dorothy had in mind, but aside from some of the normal puppy activities, he has come to be loved and accepted as a member of this household.

My various ministries with SIM, Bible study and our local church continue much as before. The neighborhood Bible study is up and running again as we work through the book of Acts via Zoom. I continue to train missionaries on IT security and other helps as well as develop parts of the SIM USA intranet. In addition to finishing up my term as Presbytery moderator in January, another elder and I have finished leading the communicants class in our church.

We have also been blessed with several special support gifts that have cleared out the deficit in our support account with SIM. We are still on a reduced budget, but the Lord continues to take care of our needs.

Praise and Prayer Items

Please join us as we praise the Lord that...

  • through additional and ongoing gifts our support account with SIM is positive.
  • Beka and I have recovered well from Covid-19.
  • Dorothy and Amanda were protected from the virus.
  • Cooper has joined our family.
  • Others and I are blessed by ongoing ministries.

Also, please join us in asking the Lord to...

  • continue providing encouragement for Dorothy as her abilities continue to decline.
  • continue to direct each of us as we seek to serve Him in ways that bring Him honor and glory.

By His grace,
Dwight for both of us

The usual stuff...
Gifts to support our ministries can be given through this link or through one of the SIM offices in various countries. Please contact us with any questions.
Our mailing address is 2007 Downey St., Rock Hill, SC 29732 and our phone numbers are:
Dorothy's number is +1 (803) 280-4181
Dwight's is +1 (803) 207-3049.
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