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Branding (written 2016-10-17)

SIM SA (Southern Africa) is unique within SIM worldwide as it is the only SIM country with a history of both sending missionaries out to other countries and receiving missionaries into South Africa. Added to these functions, SIM SA also has a number of South Africans serving in South Africa cross-culturally. Several other SIM countries are now taking on both sending and receiving functions but don’t have the history that South Africa does.
One of the many tasks the I (Dwight) have taken on is overseeing the team that includes:

Branding Graphic

We, as a team, provide information, promotion and even education to our supporters and potential supporters as well as counsel individuals about serving the Lord through cross-cultural Christian missions such as SIM and other like-minded organizations.
One of our struggles is communicating a consistent accurate picture of who we are, what we do and why we do it. Our “brand” has been inconsistent. Branding is a marketing term that is used in business but applies equally well to organizations like SIM. Branding is working to not only have a picture of SIM SA that is accurate and consistent but that goes across our various media and through everyone in our organization.

Someone who has been a member of SIM SA for 30+ years has a different idea of what SIM SA looks like as contrasted with someone who has joined us out of university for a six-month short term assignment. The picture will also be different for someone who is involved in Muslim outreach to that of someone ministering in the office or teaching theology in a Bible institute. So, how do we communicate what SIM SA is, what we do and why do we do it in an accurate organized fashion. We need to work out what our “brand” is; what the picture of SIM SA is.
The team began by listing attributes of SIM SA as though it were a person. We then refined those down and modified them as necessary to fit an organization. There is still much to do, but I want to share the draft list that we have come up with.

  1. Courageous
  2. Integrity, committed
  3. Empowered and equipped
  4. Culturally and contextually relevant, relational
  5. Obedient, dependent, servant hearted,
  6. Diverse
  7. Christ centered, passionate for Christ and to reach the lost, prayerful, faithful, called, compelled, Biblically accurate, witness for Christ
  8. Community orientated, love, encourager, compassion, reconciling
  9. Disciple makers, build, partner with and mobilize the church
  10. Globally orientated, long term focus

Bolded terms are also reflected in our mission, vision and purpose statements so carry more weight than others.

SIM is old in the mission world. Like so many things, this is good and bad. Good in that we have a wonderful history and praise the Lord that His work through SIM and its related churches over the past 120++ years has resulted in many millions of believers being discipled into churches around the world. Negatively, though, some people confuse us with our historical self, the old Soudan Interior Mission. A name we have not used collectively in 50+ years. Dorothy and I joined SIM 28 years ago and the SIM we joined back then is very different from the SIM we are members of today. Like any living vibrant organization, SIM has changed to meet new challenges and to communicate with generations that are much different than those past.

Please join us in prayer as we look not just to promote SIM SA, but that we would be clear in communicating with those who have joined us or plan to join us in proclaiming His Gospel to the world.

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